• NuclearCraft Mod
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    Two Solid-Fuel Fission Reactors [2.12]

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    Decay Generators [2.12]

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    Molten Salt Fission Reactor [2.12]

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    Heat Exchanger Setup [2.12]

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    Particle Accelerator [1.9f]

  • Screenshot 7

    Fusion Reactor Setup [1.9f]

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NuclearCraft Mod (1.16.5, 1.12.2)— Realistic Nuclear


Created by mod developer Tomdodd4598, NuclearCraft is a modern technology mod that features modern physics.

What the Mod Offers

NuclearCraft mod features blocks, items, tools, machinery, and more based on modern Nuclear energy and power. The mod is highly customizable and compatible with many other technology mods, such as Redstone Flux. The mod features an in-depth nuclear fuel system featuring 52 different fuel types, multiblock fusion reactions, particle accelerators, and many more.

Should You Install It?

The mod is very well-made and has many features, including an in-depth look at nuclear technology.


  • Forge Energy, RF, IC2 EU, and GTCE EU compatibility.
  • Intricate multiblock fission reactors.
  • Multiblock heat exchangers and steam turbines.
  • Large multiblock tokamak fusion reactors.
  • In-depth nuclear fuel systems featuring many fuel types.
  • Complex fusion system of multiple fuel combinations.
  • Full JEI compatibility.
  • CraftTweaker recipe support.
  • Complete Mekanism gas support.
  • Fallout-style radiation system.
  • More materials, weapons, tools and armour.

Crafting Recipes

Nuclear Furnace Crafting Recipe
Nuclear Furnace
Electrolyser Crafting Recipe
Electric Crusher Crafting Recipe
Electric Crusher
Crusher Crafting Recipe
Metal Furnace Crafting Recipe
Metal Furnace
Electric Furnace Crafting Recipe
Electric Furnace
Decay Hastener Crafting Recipe
Decay Hastener
Helium Collector Crafting Recipe
Helium Collector

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