• RFTools Mod
  • Screenshot 1

    Show room

    Show room with the new textures from RFTools 3.30

  • Screenshot 2

    RFTools Showcase

    Trying to cram everything RFTools has in a single screenshot. Doomed to failure...

  • Screenshot 3


    Another dimension example

  • Screenshot 4


    Dimension Example

  • Screenshot 5


    Dimension Example

  • Screenshot 6


    Dimension Example

  • Screenshot 7


    Dimension Example

  • Screenshot 8


    Example RFTools Dimension

  • Screenshot 9


    Example RFTools Dimension

  • Screenshot 10


    Example RFTools Dimension

  • Screenshot 11


    Example RFTools Dimension

  • Screenshot 12

    RFTools Block Collection

    RFTools Block Collection

  • Screenshot 13

    Glass World

    An RFTools dimension made out of glass blocks

  • Screenshot 14

    RFTools Dimension

    Here you see an example of a dimension created with RFTools

  • Screenshot 15


    Better teleporter image

  • Screenshot 16


    A simple powergenerator setup (1400RF/tick, consumes 1 enderpearl every 7 seconds)

  • Screenshot 17

    Teleportation System

    A Teleportation room done with RFTools

  • Screenshot 18

    RFTools blocks

    Here you see a collection of the blocks from RFTools

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RFTools Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Dimensions creation and maintenance


RFTools Mod includes several specialized tools meant to work with the Redflux mod. However, it also contains blocks and items that are usable even without Redflux installed. With a recent update making it compatible with Minecraft 1.16.x, RFTools is easy to install and play with, even if you’re unwilling to turn back your game version. But if you are, there are earlier versions too, and you can find a version of this mod to work with Minecraft. This is excellent news if you’re using older, dated mods that have yet to be updated and want to use this one.

But why would you want to use RFTools mod? Well, anyone who wants new machinery to automate simple tasks will find a lot to like in this mod. Some sensor blocks relay signals to other blocks once certain conditions have been met, like how solar panels can tell when the sun is out and then send a signal because of it. You can set this parameter in several ways, including one where a signal is transmitted once surrounding crops are fully grown. Attaching this block to a farming station can easily automate your farming, and that’s just one of the things RFTools does for you.


  • RFTools Manual: an in-game craftable manual for this mod.
  • RF Network Monitor: with this item, you can check out the RF situation in a set of connected blocks and find where all the energy is going.
  • RF Monitor: this block can monitor the RF situation in another block near it (3x3x3 area). It gives a visual representation of the amount of RF in the block and can also send out a Redstone signal under certain conditions.
  • Crafter: This automatic crafter can handle up to 8 recipes at once and allows crafting recipes to use the results of earlier recipes in the same machine.
  • Scanner: with this block, you can easily find your stuff in your storage network.
  • Power Relay: with this block, you can throttle down a part of your power network if a Redstone signal is given (or not). This can be used (in combination with the RF Monitor) to turn off ore procession (for example) in case your main power system doesn’t have enough power.
  • Teleportation system: several blocks for a powerful teleportation system.
  • Power generation: RFTools contains a powerful but rather complicated power generation system for the more adventurous tinkerers.
  • Simple but powerful shield system that can selectively block players, mobs, items, animals, etc.
  • Developers Delight item. A tool for developers.
  • A modular screen system displays various values like energy level, fluid contents, time of the day, dimension power, and so on.
  • A powerful mob spawner.
  • A Block Protector that uses RF to protect blocks against harvesting and explosions. Ideal for your Wither spawner, for example, or to protect your base.
  • A very comprehensive and fully featured dimension builder system.
  • A searchable and flexible modular storage system with support for remote access.
  • Support for Open Computers and ComputerCraft (shield, teleportation system, dimension builder, and screen controller).

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