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The Beneath Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Dimensions of massive mining


Mine to your heart’s content with the excellent Mining dimension added by this mod. Created by username Shinoow and his team, The Beneath adds a new dimension allowing massive and intensive mining.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds a new dimension designed for Mining. The mod is heavily influenced and can be considered a replacement for the Deep Dark extent from the Extra Utilities mod. In the mod’s new dimension, all mobs will spawn with double health and damage. The mod is also highly configurable and includes many new modes, new sounds, and a new secret monster called the Grue.

Should You Install It?

The mod is quite fun, especially when played by side friends. The new dimension provides better ore generation but comes with tougher and deadlier monsters.


  • A massive mining dimension (imagine if you raised the roof of the Nether to 256, then squeezed in another Nether in that empty space, that’s the size we’re talking about here).
  • Any mobs spawning inside the dimension (vanilla mobs are set to spawn in there, and it is possible for mobs from other mods to spawn in there) have twice the health and damage they normally would.
  • The ability to configure whether or not you can use the teleporter block in dimensions outside the Overworld (enabling this allows you to, for example, place a Beneath Teleporter in the Nether, then use that teleporter to go back and forth between The Beneath and the Nether, instead of automatically going back to the Overworld).
  • A built-in JSON-based ore generator (JSON file generated at first startup with a default configuration, and this system can be disabled if you have another mod that handles ore generation).
  • Different modes to toggle how the dimension behaves in situations (switching modes requires a restart to take effect):
    • “grue”: Grues will spawn in dark areas when you’ve been exposed to the darkness for long enough (use the config file in Grue to configure the various things there).
    • “darkness”: Being in the darkness hurts you (the amount of damage dealt and the amount of time between each hit is configurable).
  • Ability to configure whether or not dungeons should generate in the dimension and how frequently (works like the dungeon setting in vanilla, except 0 stops all generations).
  • Beings lurking in the darkness, ready to pull you out of the light at any second, allowing the Grue, other mobs, and/or the darkness itself to devour you.
  • Mildly unnerving sounds you might hear from time to time while inside the dimension.

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