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VeinMiner Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Make Mining Easier


If you’re lazy or don’t want to spend a ton of time mining ores block by block, you might like the VeinMiner mod. With this mod installed, when you break a single ore block in a cluster or group of ore blocks, each adjacent ore block of the same type will also be damaged, allowing you to harvest the entire grouping with one operation. This doesn’t sound very easy, but it isn’t. If you mine a chunk of coal, every other chunk of coal connected to that one will also be mined. Besides saving time, this mod will also save a ton of durability on your tools, making it a great utility.

That’s also the only thing the VeinMiner mod does. This mod is a simple one that’s easy to install and easy to utilize once you’ve installed it – you don’t need to set any special hotkeys or commands. However, these options are also available if you want to customize your experience. All you need to do is just mine like you usually do. The mod will take care of the rest. VeinMiner works with Minecraft 1.12.x and earlier versions, back to 1.5. With such a wide availability, even if you’re stuck with mods from years ago, you can still use VeinMiner.

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