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XRay Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)— Fullbright, Cave Finder, Fly


Have you ever spent countless hours laboring your way down to the mine and never found even one precious diamond ore? Then make your cave exploration and ore hunting easier with this mod! XRay Mod is a utility-type Minecraft modification created by username AmbientOcclusion. See-through various blocks with a push of a button while maintaining the game’s balance! The mod features a configurable x-ray mode and a built-in cave finder. You can alter and change various aspects of the mod, including a configurable coordinate display and a full-bight option, among many others.

What the Mod Offers

XRay Mode

X-Ray Mod allows players to see through blocks with a single button push (default “X”). This mode is also highly configurable, and you can change the setting to manually choose which blocks will get rendered and which don’t. You may also create your profiles and assign various keys to activate them. Helpful if you have multiple mods installed!


As the name implies, the cave finder is an option to scout various areas for openings and caves by pressing a single button (default “C”).

Full Bright Mode

A Full Bright Mode is a toggle-able option that allows the entire area of the world to be lit as if it were daylight. It is useful when going underwater or combined with the mod’s other features. The default key to toggle this mode is “L.”

Misc. Features

Besides the three feature modes, the XRay Mod allows the payer to configure the coordinates displayed on the upper right corner of the screen. It also gives survival players the ability to fly and the means to adjust the flight speed.

The game is highly configurable, and setting them all up might be a bit confusing to many. Check out below if you need a guide to configure some parts of the mod or need tips in configuring the coordinates display.

Should You Install It?

If you love playing survival Minecraft but hate blindly mining down and ending up with nothing but lava, then you should consider getting this mod. However, this mod might be a little too overpowered and will probably destroy the balance of your game. However, if you don’t care about game balance and want to have a great time playing, this mod will make your mining and cave exploration much easier and safer.


How do I change what blocks are visible?

All configuration is done through the user interface. The default keybinding to open the user interface is J.

Inside the user interface, you can select or deselect which blocks you want to be visible by simply checking or unchecking the block you want. By default, all blocks are rendered except for those on a built-in blacklist of obvious blocks you don’t want in XRay.

Missing blocks?

It turns out that getting a complete list of all blocks in the game, especially when third-party mods are involved, is a bit difficult. XRay will prepopulate the list with some blocks it can easily detect; however, some may be missing. To address this problem, XRay will add the missing blocks to the list as it filters them when XRay is enabled.

How do I change what is on the coordinates display?

Open the user interface, and at the bottom, there is a text area where you can change what is on the coordinates display. Below is a table of the possible options you can use.

Coordinates optionDescription
{X}, {Y}, {Z}XYZ coordinates.
{X1}, {Y1}, {Z1}XYZ coordinates with 1 decimal.
{X2}, {Y2}, {Z2}XYZ coordinates with 2 decimals.
{ChunkX}, {ChunkY}, {ChunkZ}the location of the chunk you’re in.
{ChunkPosX}, {ChunkPosY}, {ChunkPosZ}your location within the chunk.
{FPS}the FPS string.
{Biome}the current biome you’re in.
{BlockLight}, {SkyLight}the block light and skylight levels.
{LookingAt}the coordinates of the block you are currently looking at.
{Compass}the current direction you are facing (north/south/etc).
{RenderedEntities}, {TotalEntities}entity information.
{Clock}, {24Clock}shows the current in-game time.
{Fly}if fly is enabled, and your current fly speed.

You can also use formatting codes. However, instead of the section sign (§) you can use the dollar sign ($) for convenience.

☝🏽 Useful Guide

Discussion (16)

XRay Mod 1.12.2 Fake 🙂 isnt for 1.12.2 🙂

doesnt work for me when i use it

It looks good but I can’t use 1.12.2 which is the only version im gonna be using it on, so I cant use it…

xray mod for 1.12.2 doesn’t work with 1.12.2

the mod maker never said it is for 1.12.2 (works on 1.12 not sure about 1.12.1 :D) but this site sais it. so dont critiseze the mod/mod maker for it

The file is downloaded but not running on java

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