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    A list of all patterns available in 1.16.3+.

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Additional Banners Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Bunch of new Banner Patterns

Add a bunch of new banner patterns to vanilla Minecraft and expand the banner-making possibilities with Additional Banners Mod created by the mod developer Darkhax.

What the mod is about?

The mod adds over 25 new banner patterns to the game based on various items found in vanilla. These patterns can be applied by putting a banner in a crafting grid alongside the item or block that has a new pattern. All the new patterns can be dyed in any of the 16 vanilla Minecraft colors.

Should You Install It?

If you enjoy making a variety of banners, then this mod is for you. The mod expands the pattern combination and allows the players to make wonderful new banners that were previously not possible.

How to Use

All banner patterns in this mod are applied using the new Loom block. To select the pattern, you must have the pattern item for the specific design you want to use. Most of the patterns in this mod can be crafted however some are exclusive trades from the wandering merchant.

Craftable Patterns

The craftable patterns from this mod are crafted with paper, shears, and a stencil item in a shapeless recipe. The shears will not be consumed by the recipe however, they will take some durability damage.

  • Grass: Grass Block
  • Pumpkin: Jack o’ Lantern
  • Mushroom: Red Mushroom
  • Kelp: Kelp
  • Anchor: Any boat.
  • Snowflake: Snowball
  • Shield: Shield
  • Squid: Ink Sac
  • Sword: Golden Sword
  • Trident: Trident
  • Dragon: Dragon Breath
  • Phantom: Phantom Membrane

Wandering Villager Trades

Some patterns can only be obtained from the wandering trader.

  • Diamonds
  • Clubs
  • Hearts
  • Spades
  • Moon
  • Balance

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