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Wawla, or What Are We Looking At, is not a standalone mod. Rather, Wawla is an add-on for another mod called Waila. Waila basically tells you about the block you’re looking at by feeding you simple information, like what level of tool you need to harvest that block (wood, stone, iron, etc), whether your currently held tool can perform the harvesting operation successfully, and whether or not you have a compatible tool in your inventory if the one held in your hand won’t do the job. Wawla adds more information to that basic interface; it also tells you more about your surroundings too.

Wawla Mod also adds more mod compatibility to Waila for many popular mods which that mod normally wouldn’t work with, increasing its efficacy quite a bit. These include Pixelmon, probably the most popular Pokemon mod for Minecraft to date, as well as Thaumcraft, Tinker’s Construct and Version Checker. That last one is pretty much useless, but the first three are all very popular mods, so this heightened compatibility is great news for anyone who uses them. Like Waila, Wawla works with Minecraft versions 1.7.10 all the way up to 1.17.1, the most recent version of the game right now.

Wawla Mod Showcase

How to Install Wawla Mod 1.17.1 / 1.16.5

The Wawla Mod requires Minecraft Forge to be installed.

Just as with most of the Forge-based mods, this wonderful mod uses the standard installation procedure.

  1. Download the version of the mod you want, download buttons are below.
  2. Grab the downloaded file.
  3. Drop and place the downloaded file in the mods folder inside Minecraft’s directory (%appdata%/.minecraft/mods).
  4. Play Minecraft with the latest Forge version, or the version of your choice.
  5. Have fun!

Wawla Mod 1.17.1 / 1.16.5 Download Links

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Created: Oct 5, 2014
Updated: Jun 19, 2021
Developer: DarkhaxDev
Downloads: 47,098,613
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Rating: 3.40 - 5 votes
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