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Advanced XRay Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Forge/Fabric

Ever wanted to see what’s the buzz behind the wall, but don’t want to take the risk and destroy it? Then check out this XRay mod and avoid unnecessary danger and movements while mining!

Advanced XRay mod is a utility mod created by username aokmikey. The mod features a simple and clean UI for adding, deleting, and editing blocks you want to see, and want to become transparent. The mod is pretty simple compared to other XRay mods, but it makes it lightweight and compatible with almost all other Forge-based mods.

What the Mod Offers

Just like the mod title suggests, the Advanced XRay mod allows players to see through various blocks and obstacles – useful when mining and looking for that rare diamond ore. The mod offers a simple way of adding and editing blocks displayed by a clean UI. The user-friendly UI allows players to edit the list of blocks they want to see when the XRay mode is turned on. The mod features an RGB Based color selector for a full-color range, an easy editing and deleting tool, a functional searchable list layout, and wonderful ore dictionary support.

How to Use the Mod

The mod is fairly simple to use and even simpler to set up. Once the mod is installed, all you need to do is play Minecraft, open the setting, go to the controls and edit the button used to open the Advanced XRay GUI and the button used to toggle the XRay Overlay on and off. Opening the mod’s GUI will allow the player to edit the ores on the list and the other blocks, while the Overlay toggles the XRay mode.


  • Build on Forge & Fabric.
  • Simple and Clean UI For Adding, Deleting, and Editing the blocks you want to see
    • RGB Based on color selector for full-color range.
    • Simple UI to add new blocks from a Searchable List layout.
    • Easy Editing and Deleting of blocks.
    • Searchable list of blocks you’ve added
    • JSON store for the blocks you’ve added. Easy to edit and share!
  • Distance
    • 8 blocks
    • 16 blocks
    • 32 blocks
    • 48 blocks
    • 64 blocks
    • 80 blocks
    • 128 blocks
    • 256 blocks

Default Binds:

  • Open XRay Menu – “Z“;
  • Toggle Xray ON/OFF – “BACKSLASH“(\);

Change by selecting a key in Options ->Controls

How to add a custom ore?

  1. Open the XRay menu by pressing the “Z” key on your keyboard.
  2. Click on the “Add Ore” button.
  3. Select the block you want to use as a new ore.
  4. Write the ore name, and select the color (RGB format, you can use the RGB calculator to get the fast color that you need).
  5. Now, just press the “Add” button, and you are done!

Should You Install Advanced XRay Mod?

Xray mods are like a cheat skill when it comes to playing survival Minecraft, but there are countless times when you will need one. Although it is a helpful mod to have around, using it too much will break the game’s survival aspect. However, if you don’t mind such things and just want to build and have fun with the game, then this mod fantastically delivers what it set out to offer. The mod is especially useful when you are a builder in creative mode, as it allows you to see through your creation and look around for faulty Redstone settings, block placement, and more. As compared to the other XRay mods, this one is pretty straightforward and features one of the most user-friendly GUIs.

☝🏽 Useful Guides

Discussion (53)

Thx for the mod its work rly good this is the best x ray mod i found

doesn’t work on windows 10 🙁

it worked for a while but it doesn’t now for some reason any help ?

I only want it to spot mob to find where I need to light up caves. It does not appear to do that anymore. 🙁

The mod loads, but i if i press X or backslash it doesnt work

Downloaded it, but it doesn’t work and idk if I’m doing something wrong.

why is it that this jar file is less than the previous versions? and on top of that it doesn’t even open up…

I hate this mod. What ever happened to old X ray where is worked perfectly and you could choose which blocks to see or not see.

This is terrible. Blocks do not vanish. Only blue overlay. Unusable.

X Ray 1.12.2 Does not work, I download but click won’t open the installer.

XD its not an installer! put it in the ‘mods’ folder.If u don’t know how search on youtube

advanced Xray is just not working fine 1.12.2 showing false blocks. When I reach to a block of something, it vanishes.

cannot Bypass the anti-xray guard

while the idea of mod is cool, I find it useless due to fact that outline is almost invisible. By the way I use shaders and custom texturepacks, they seem to block/limit visibility of outlined blocks. Would be great if the outline thickness can be adjusted to user needs.

Minecraft e un gioco bellissimo

minecraft is nice game

It says my computer cant run a jar file? I have a mac and have downloaded the latest java and forge. Help

i cant launch the download? :/

OK. so i press x the thing comes up and i add afew blocks. Everything is fine. The problem is even if I change the block to off I can still see it!

Never mind i figured it out XD

I cannot find my mods folder. My Minecraft version is 1.12.2 and I have windows 10 and every time I search the %appdata%\.minecraft\mods nothing comes up. I used to use this mod in 2015 and I decided I wanted to try it out again. Every YouTube video I search or every forum I find is outdated and gives no useful explanation. Could someone please explain to me in detail how I’m supposed to get my mods folder?

“all you need to do is go to the setting” which setting? Is it in game option? There is no option called simply: “settings”. I got to find another xRay mod.

I´ve installed it on forge-1.12.2-… doesn´t seem to work. does it have to be installed at the server too?

yo guys the best feature about x-ray was that it had more then just x-ray it had the listings up in the corner that u could edit it had lighting cave finder all that gucci stuff but this, this better be relatively new guys cuz it is a disappointment compared to its older brother

I can’t open chests!! Every thing works perfecy, the furnaces, the crafting tables but I can’t open chests!! Is this some kind of troll??

This is cool LOL hhahahahah 😀 😀 😀

It worked fine for me, but when I turned off my computer and now back on again, its just doesnt work.. I even uninstalled forge and deleted all config files.. still not working
Cant find out why it isnt working now, but worked this afternoon

when is this gonna get updated to 1.18.1? its a good mod but it sucks having to downgrade to 1.15 to use it!

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