Create an entirely new dimension with the power of Redstone Flux in RFTools Dimensions Mod. This mod add-on adds a new way to create new dimensions that you can enter, explore, and harvest the way you want.

What the Mod Offers

RFTools Dimensions is an addon mod for the RFTools mod and adds new machines and tools that have the power to create new dimensions. These new dimensions can be as over powed as a diamond block filled world, or as weird as an ice world with pigs and glasses. The mod itself adds new surprises in the game, but is also very over-powered as some worlds are just filled with precious items.

RFTools Dimensions Mod Installation

The mod requires both Minecraft Forge, RFTools mod, and all other prerequisite mods. To install the mod, make sure that you already have installed Minecraft Forge and RFTools Successfully. After that, download the RFTools Dimensions mod using the link below, and place the file in the mods folder in your Minecraft directory.

Should You Install It?

The mod is over-powered and might destroy the balance of the game. Although creating the portals is not easy and might require more resources, some worlds are just too crazy. The mod should just be installed for fun and for extra challenges.

RFTools Dimensions Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 Download Links

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