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    Showing the contents of any inventory

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    Mobs and Potion Effects

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The One Probe Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Immersive Version of WAILA


The One Probe Mod (TOP mod for short) is a tooltip mod inspired by the mod WAILA (What Am I Looking At?). This mod provides a more immersive way of showing the tooltip than simply popping out of the screen.

What the Mod Offers

With the mod installed, information will be shown to any block or item you look at whenever you hold the probe item in your hand. The mod is very configurable, designed to be used alongside other popular mods, and supports Redstone Flux, among others.

Sneaking while holding the probe will give you a list of all the items inside the block (like a chest).

Should You Install It?

The mod replaces the need for the WAILA mod, but WAILA is more convenient. The one probe mod, however, is more immersive and more balanced and has some nifty functions that WAILA doesn’t have.


  • By default, you need to craft the probe to be able to see the information (unless you disable this requirement in the config)
  • The probe works while it is in your off-hand or normal hand
  • Show RF information if the block supports RF
  • Show inventory contents for chests or other inventories (only when sneaking)
  • Show the tool needed to harvest a block
  • Show the Redstone power level at the given side of the block
  • Show the growth level of a crop
  • Show liquids if so enabled (use ‘l’ to toggle)
  • Show mob information
  • Show active potion effects on the mob (only when sneaking)
  • Using the /topcfg command, you can (client side) reconfigure the position as well as the look of the probe information tooltip
  • You can also change settings in the theoneprobe.cfg file
  • An API is provided so that mods can add their own information for the probe
  • There are three probe modes:
    • Normal: used when holding a probe in your hand. Show basic information
    • Extended: used when sneaking. Show extra information
    • Admin: only shown when the creative probe is in your hand

📌 Dependencies

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