• Immersive Tech Mod
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    Steam Turbine

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    Steam Turbine

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    Solar Tower and Solar Reflectors

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    Solar Reflector

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    Solar Tower

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Immersive Tech Mod (1.12.2)— More Technology for Immersive Engineering



Since the creator has abandoned this project, there will be no further updates or fixes!

Do you enjoy playing the wonderful Immersive Engineering mod but think it lacks some ways to produce RF energy? Then install the mod add-on Immersive Tech Mod by username FerroO2000.

What is the Mod About?

Immersive Tech is an add-on for Immersive Engineering mod, adding new methods to produce RF energy by utilizing the sun. The mod adds four multi-block structures: A distiller, Solar Tower, Solar Reflector, and Steam Turbine.

Should You Install it?

Immersive Engineering is a good mod, and Immersive Tech is a good add-on. We recommend adding this mod to your mod pack with Immersive Engineering.


  • Distiller, 3x3x3 machine which produces Distilled Water from normal Water.
  • Solar Tower, 3x7x3 machine which produce Steam from water distilled and normal (distilled is more efficient). The Solar Tower needs at least 1 Solar Reflector to work.
  • Solar Reflector, 3x5x1 multiblock which reflects sunlight in the direction of the Solar Tower.
  • Steam Turbine, 3x4x12 massive machine which produces energy from steam.

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