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Forgiving Void Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Making The Void Hate You a Little Less

Falling out of the void can be deadly! But with the Forgiving Void mod, falling out will be a bit friendlier.

What is the Mod About?

Created by talented developer BlaytheNinth, this mod makes falling out to the void turn the player back from the top and fall to the ground. Due to some magical aspects of the End, you won’t instantly die even from the fall damage.

Should You Install it?

This mod is designed to make the End realm more forgiving to players, especially when the random world generation of the End makes it harder to fight the Ender Dragon. We highly recommend this mod.


  • Fall back down from the sky when falling into the void.
  • Always survive the fall as long as you have full health.

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