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AppleSkin Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Food-Related HUD

Know your exhaustion and saturation status with this helpful mod by username Squeek502 – AppleSkin! Monitor your status and control your Minecraft diet!

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds visual information for users to better monitor and manage their exhaustion and saturation levels. This mod does not change any game mechanic and instead adds visual representation to the existing vanilla mechanic.

Useful Food Tooltip

AppleSkin adds food value information to tooltips. The food value will be shown when your pointer is over a food item.

HUD effects and Improved Display

A new visualization of saturation and exhaustion is displayed on the vanilla HUD – in combination with the hunger bar. Potential hunger/saturation restored while holding a food item will also be displayed.

Debug Overlay

The default Debug Overlay (F3) also gets saturation and exhaustion values so you can better monitor your status.

Should You Install It?

The exhaustion and saturation game mechanic already exist in the vanilla game, and this mod remedies its lack of HUD. The mod is also compatible with all kinds of food items from other mods, making it a nice mod in your mod list.


  • Adds food value information to tooltips

  • Adds a visualization of saturation and exhaustion to the HUD

  • Adds a visualization of potential hunger/saturation restored while holding food

  • Adds hunger/saturation/exhaustion info to the debug overlay (F3)
  • Syncs the value of saturation and exhaustion to the client

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