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Health and Hunger Tweaks Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Change Food and Health Regeneration



Since the creator has abandoned this project, there will be no further updates or fixes!

Personalize the way Minecraft handles health regeneration and hunger with Health and Hunger Tweaks mod by mod author Cerulan.

What is the Mod About?

The mod modifies the way Minecraft manages food and health regeneration. With this mod installed, hunger drain decreases at half its normal rate, disables health regeneration from saturation and fullness, and more. The Health generation is changed like many first-person shooter games where revival begins 10 seconds after getting damaged and then rapidly regenerates health. The mod also provides a new health kit system for adventurers.

Should You Install it?

The mod makes health regeneration and hunger harder and more balanced than vanilla’s. The mod is also compatible with the Tough As Nails mod.


  • Decreases hunger drain (1/2 normal rate).
  • It gives players an effect (Satiated) when eating food that disables the hunger drain for its duration.
  • Disables health regeneration from saturation and fullness.
  • Instead, health regeneration begins 10 seconds (by default) after taking damage, then rapidly (by default) .regenerates health. This system is similar to what is done in some first-person shooters.
  • It also provides a Health Kit system.

Crafting Recipes

Primitive Health Kit Crafting Recipe
Primitive Health Kit
Standard Health Kit Crafting Recipe
Standard Health Kit
Advanced Health Kit Crafting Recipe
Advanced Health Kit
Wood Fiber Bandage Crafting Recipe
Wood Fiber Bandage
Cloth Bandage Crafting Recipe
Cloth Bandage
Plant Ointment Crafting Recipe
Plant Ointment
Refined Plant Ointment Crafting Recipe
Refined Plant Ointment
Medical Tools Crafting Recipe
Medical Tools

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