• The Spice of Life Mod
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    Food values are shown when holding shift

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    Hunger/saturation HUD overlay

    When holding food, the hunger/saturation you’d get from eating it flashes on the screen

  • Screenshot 3

    Food exhaustion HUD underlay

    Food exhaustion gets shown as a progress bar behind the hunger bar.

  • Screenshot 4

    Food Journal

    Crafted with wheat + paper.

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The Spice of Life Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Nutritional Food


The Spice of Life is variety, or so they say. In this mod, you get diminishing returns when eating the same type of food. So, for instance, if you were to eat a pork chop, you would get the normal four hunger points and saturation level. But on your next pork chop, you will only get three hunger points and a lower saturation level to match. This will continue until pork chops give you barely anything, at least until you add some variety to your diet and eat a few different foods. With this said, it’s plain to see where the name came from for this mod.

The Spice of Life is compatible with Hunger Overhaul and a handful of other mods that add custom food items to Minecraft, but you should be careful with the second mod type. This mod is good for newer players, too, because it will display the hunger and saturation values for food items if you hold the SHIFT key while your cursor is hovering over them. These values will update as you eat more or less of the same food, lowering and raising as appropriate based on your diet. This is a nice mod overall.

Spreadsheet showing the effects of the default settings

📌 Dependencie

☝🏽 Useful Guide

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