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AppleCore Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— API for squeek502’s mods


At its heart, the AppleCore mod is an API for Minecraft which allows the user to modify hunger and saturation values for food items in the game. You can also alter simple mechanics – making it so eating certain types of food instantly restores health rather than filling up the hunger bar, for instance. On its own, AppleCore doesn’t allow much control over Minecraft. It is best when combined with several other mods, like Hunger Overhaul, The Spice of Life, and Hunger in Peace, to name a few. This library has common code elements for all three of those mods.

However, you don’t need AppleCore to make those mods work, like with other Library type mods, so it would be wrong to call AppleCore a library mod. If you’re using this mod, you can hold the SHIFT key while hovering your cursor over a food item, and that will tell you how many food points the thing will restore when you consume it. Simply holding food in your hand will show the saturation level you can expect. If you’re new to Minecraft and don’t yet understand the different food items, this would be an excellent mod for teaching you as you play.


Tooltip: Food values are shown when holding the shift.

Hunger/saturation HUD overlay: When holding food, the hunger/saturation you’d get from eating it flashes on the screen

Food exhaustion HUD underlay: Food exhaustion gets shown as a progress bar behind the hunger bar

Mods That Use AppleCore:

  • Hunger Overhaul – Extensive tweaks to hunger and related mechanics
  • The Spice of Life – Encourages dietary variety through diminishing returns
  • Hunger In Peace – Normal hunger and health regen in peaceful
  • Hunger Tweaker – Exposes the AppleCore API to CraftTweaker scripting

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