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Stellar API Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Library for abab9579’s Mods


Make the Minecraft universe more beautiful with Stellar API mod by mod developer abab1579. The mod allows for better compatibility with other celestial APIs!

What is the Mod About?

The mod is an API for various mods containing celestial objects. Stellar API is the basis for Stellar Sky, Stellarium, and Photoptics mod. The mod itself features a new overlay system that the HUD can manipulate. The mod also features a wake condition configuration and more.

Should You Install it?

Unless you plan to install the other mods that can bring out their full potential, there is no real reason to install the mod.


Celestial API

Since this is an API about celestial objects, there is a celestial API that allows better compatibility.

Optical System

Currently, there is an optical system that is celestial objects.

  • DEFAULT: There are default telescopes that provide magnification that can be used using right-click.
  • Photoptics is the mod enhancing this part of Stellar API.

Overlay System (HUD)

  • There is an overlay system in Stellar API, which easily configures HUD elements.
  • It can be manipulated by the HUD, which can be displayed by pressing the key ‘U’. You can also disable some HUDs here.
  • DEFAULT: Day Descriptor Information on the top right side of the HUD. (Which is positionable)

Wake Condition Configurations

There are wake configurations that can be used to configure wake conditions and time.

Per-Dimension Resources

Currently, there is a per-dimension resource(texture) command to replace resources per dimension. (/perdimres list/available/set/remove)

The resources will be applied directly after the command is run.

  • /perdimres available: View the list of per-dimension resource IDs available to replace.
  • /perdimres list: View currently replaced per-dimension resources.
  • /perdimres set <PerDimResID> <resource location>: Replace per-dimension resources using
    • The resource location is ‘(location in assets)’ in vanilla and ‘(modid):(location in per-mod resource location)’.
  • /perdimres remove <PerDimResID>: Can remove per-dimension resource replacement using

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