bdlib mod

BdLib Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2)— Library for bdew’s Mods


BdLib is another library mod with scripts and bits of code that many other mods rely on to function usually. Some of these are very popular, like Gendustry, so if you use any of the mods listed here, you probably already have BdLib installed and may not even realize it. Other affected mods include Pressure Pipes, Advanced Generators, AE2 Stuff, and Compacter, to name of them. Not all five mods are as popular as one another, but if you’re using even one of them, you must have BdLib installed, or they won’t work correctly.

Like other library mods, BdLib does relatively little on its own. At least some library mods like Aroma1997Core give you little effects like being able to control sleeping on a server. This one does almost nothing if you don’t have any of the corresponding mods installed, so it’s useless to pick up and use on its own unless you want a couple of particular commands enabled. Using /oredistribution will make it easier to find ore veins when looking around Minecraft, and /dumpregistry is an excellent tool for players looking to make their configs since it exports a list of all blocks, items, and fluid names.

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