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Gravity Gun Mod (1.12.2, 1.10.2)— Half-Life’s Guns


Are you tired of all the spiders roaming around? Want to see pigs fly? Then get this awesome mod and send them flying as you behold the power of science!

Gravity Gun is a weapon mod inspired by the game Half-Life. The popular user created the mod under the username iChun, adding one lore-breaking yet absolutely fun weapon in the game, the Gravity Gun.

What the Mod Offers

The Gravity Gun is based on a Half-Life weapon of the same name and functions just the same as the weapon it was based on.

Gravity Pull – Suck Them All in and Hold Them

Just like the original weapon it was based on, gravity can suck entities and blocks and keep them afloat in the air. You can do this by equipping the gun and pressing and holding the secondary button. The secondary button can be changed in its menu. Monsters that are stored will not be able to attack or move on their own.

Gravity Push – Send Them Flying

The primary button will send a strong gravitational push that will blast away and push back entities surrounding you. Suppose you are holding or grabbing an entity or block through the secondary button and use the primary control. In that case, the entity held will become a projectile that will damage itself and anything it comes in contact with – useful as a powerful long-range weapon.

Super Charged Gravity Gun!

If you’re lucky (or unlucky!) enough to get hit by lightning while holding or have a gravity gun in your inventory, the weapon will absorb the lightning charge and become super-charged. A supercharged gravity gun is far more potent than usual and can hold multiple blocks and entities at any moment. The blast will also become immensely powerful, and entities held will be blasted farther away.

Should You Install It?

You’ll love this mod if you are familiar with Half-Life, G-Mod, or any other games that use Gravity Gun. However, the mod is lore-breaking and does not fit the vanilla theme of Minecraft. But If you’re planning to create a modern sci-fi world and already have many mods installed, then we highly recommend adding the Portal Gun mod along with your pack. This mod is fun to use and opens up various possibilities for puzzle maps while providing a significant function as a weapon for survival gameplay.

How to Use

  • Left-clicking with the Gravity Gun will create a blast that will push entities (such as the Wendigo or the Trent from Lycanites mobs) in front of the player away, and if holding something, will launch the held item.
  • Right Clicking will bring entities toward the player, and when they are close enough, they will be picked up. The Gravity Gun will pick up blocks with right-click, and right-clicking again will put down the block.
  • And the Supercharged Gravity Gun is almost equal to the normal Gravity Gun but only attracts more blocks to you this time, but you can not throw them all at once.


  • Another way to get the supercharged Gravity gun is to hold the regular one and get struck by lightning. Some good ways to accomplish this are to create a Mystcraft age and add lots of “Charged” symbols, get struck by certain types of bees, or activate a twilight portal. Another way to get hit by lightning is to activate a Division Sigil at an Enchanting Table at midnight.
  • When using the Super Charged Gravity Gun and picking up a creeper, if you happen to shoot the creeper at the ground, mountainside, monster, etc., it will cause the creeper to explode upon contact (Creeper must be about 4-11 blocks away to explode on contact) However, this does not work when using the normal Gravity Gun unless edited in the config file.
  • It is possible to use a gravity gun similar to a silk touch pickaxe on certain blocks. You do this by picking them up and dropping them off while they are in the same block as a torch or a planted seed block. This does work on spawners; however, they will turn default into pig spawners.
  • The Supercharged Gravity Gun also differs in that if you launch a block at a wall, the block will bounce off the wall. The gravity gun will make the block stick to the wall.

Crafting Recipes

Gravity Gun Crafting Recipe
Gravity Gun
Gravity Gun Crafting Recipe
Gravity Gun

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