• Lycanites Mobs Mod
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    Peaceful giant sauropod-like plant creatures that can be farmed. Can vegetarians eat them if they are plants?

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    A colossal demonic brain mounted onto an iron platform powered by redstone and Trite minions with a large demonic gatling gun!

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    A large demonic boss with multiple battle phases!

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    Warg Mounts

    Wargs are deadly predators but can be tamed as awesome combat mouns with a leap ability! There are many more mounts available too!

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    Celestial Geonach

    Geonach are angry Earth Elementals that randomly spawn when ores are mined, however there is an incredibly small chance of a Celestial Geonach spawning, these are much larger mini bosses!

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    Found deep in the dark, Chupacabra are deadly, but can be farmed using live animals such as cows! Baby Chupacabras can be tamed to make deadly pets!

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    Inferno Mobs

    Creatures found in lava and fire! From deadly Cinders (fire elementals) and Lobbers (lava golems) to peaceful Cephignis (farmable lava fish)!

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Lycanites Mobs Mod (1.16.5, 1.15.2)— Inferno Creatures, New Entities


Add dozens of living creatures, from monsters to abominations, in your Minecraft world with Lycanites Mobs Mod. Created by no other than Lycanite, this mod adds several biome-specific mobs that vary in size and power.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds several new mobs that are specific to biomes. These mobs vary greatly from dinosaur-looking mobs to monstrous-looking demons and abominations. The mod also features elementals, wisps, and spriggans that can surprise you while you’re doing your thing. Some mobs can be tamed and used as a pet or trusty mount. The mod also features an optional special event that can add excitement and challenge to the game.

Should You Install It?

The mobs added to this mod are all well-designed and very detailed. However, many of the mobs are inspired by monsters from the DOOM game and may contain some gory and grotesque skins that many young players don’t like seeing.

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