• AbyssalCraft Mod
  • Screenshot 1

    Darklands Highlands

    A Darklands Highlands biome

  • Screenshot 2

    Darklands Forest

    A Darklands Forest biome.

  • Screenshot 3

    Darklands Plains

    A Darklands Plains biome.

  • Screenshot 4

    The Darklands

    A normal Darklands biome.

  • Screenshot 5

    Coralium Infested Swamp

    A Coralium Infested Swamp biome.

  • Screenshot 6


    All items in the mod as of version

  • Screenshot 7


    Liquid Coralium and Liquid Antimatter, two fluids added in the mod.

  • Screenshot 8

    Redstone Logic Blocks

    Buttons and Pressure Plates made from various materials.

  • Screenshot 9


    Portals leading to the various dimensions added in the mod. Worth noting only the green one is built in the Overworld.

  • Screenshot 10


    All ordinary blocks in the mod as of version

  • Screenshot 11


    You can make doors out of the two wood types.

  • Screenshot 12

    Special blocks

    Storage, machines, heads, explosives and some out-of-the-ordinary blocks.

  • Screenshot 13

    Energy system blocks

    Statues depicting Lovecraftian deities and other blocks used in the mods energy system.

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AbyssalCraft Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Scray Mobs, Pets, Bosses


Add evil to your Minecraft world and try to destroy them with magic with AbyssalCraft Mod. Created by the talented mod developer Shinoow, this mod adds many new items, mobs, and blocks centered around abysmal creatures and abominations.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds a new dimension that can only be accessed if you have the right key. These new dimensions await horrifying creatures and worlds that make the Nether a child’s play. The mod adds six new stone blocks, five new tools, eight new armors, 38 new mobs, four new monster bosses, evil animals, 15 new ores, four new machines, and so much more.

Should You Install It?

The mod adds new content to the game that adds a good challenge. Playing this mod with a friend and conquering the new dimension or challenging yourself by playing alone is recommended.


  • 6 new types of stone (where all but one can be turned into bricks)
  • 5 new types of tools (one simply consisting of a stronger type of stone)
  • 8 new types of armor (where half of them are upgraded/altered versions of the 4 base ones)
  • 6 new Overworld biomes (among them a swamp, not to mention massive mountains)
  • 42 new mobs (among them 4 bosses)
  • A smaller breed of Shoggoths (you know, those amorphous shape-shifting abominations mentioned in the Cthulhu mythos)
  • Evil animals (ever seen someone being killed by a pig? this mod has that, along with chickens and cows)
  • Mobs and animals composed of antimatter (usually a good idea to keep them from colliding with their regular counterparts, because of physics)
  • 4 new dimensions (each more evil than the previous)
  • 15 new ores, among them 3 that generate in the Overworld
  • 2 new explosives (one is used as a core component for the other)
  • Statues representing Great Old Ones
  • 17 new food items (among them flesh you probably shouldn’t eat, food on plates, and MREs)
  • 4 new Machines (allowing you to manipulate materials on an atomic level, or simply engrave coins)
  • 2 new trees (one found in the Overworld, the other found in the second dimension)
  • 3 new potion effects (each in some way capable of converting an entity into another, whether it’s a plague or simply antimatter)
  • 4 new enchantments (allowing you to spread plagues, or simply deal more damage to living shadows, among things)
  • A new magic system (using ancient grimoires and rituals)
  • A new form of energy (used in conduction with the aforementioned magic system)
  • And lastly, a book that keeps track of information regarding most of these things (things not directly mentioned are likely not that tied to progression, but a section for misc information is being put together for that)
  • There is also an API that you can interact with the mod through.

Crafting Recipes

Necronomicon Crafting Recipe

📌 Dependencie

☝🏽 Useful Guide

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