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Chickens Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— There are just a lot of chickens


Redeem the line of chickens with this fun mod from SetyCz. This mod adds magical chicken that can be bred and cross-bred to lay wonderful eggs!

What the Mod Offers

Chickens Mod adds tons of new chickens that can lay gunpowder, snowballs, and even diamonds. These chickens can be bred and cross-bred to increase stats and increase production. The chickens are separated into tiers, and higher tiers chickens lay rare eggs and would look much cooler than your normal vanilla chickens.

Should You Install It?

Vanilla Minecraft’s chickens are a bit too bland and boring, and this mod fixes that by adding chicken breeding and a tiered progression for Chickens!


  • Breed chickens to increase their stats: growth, gain, and strength to increase your production rapidly.
  • Inspect chickens with a chicken analyzer (an egg + a compass) to identify their stats and to get additional information. When you right-click on a chicken with the Chicken Analyzer, it shows up in chat the name of the chicken, the tier, the growth rate, the gain rate, their strength, and the amount of time till they lay their nest egg in the Nesting Pen.
  • Dye chickens, combine an ordinary egg with a dye and throw what you get to obtain a chicken laying dye: Lapis Lazuli Chicken, Cactus Green Chicken, Rose Red Chicken, Bone Meal Chicken… you can breed them for gray, pink, etc.
  • Tier 1 chickens that are naturally spawning in the world: Flint Chicken, Snowball Chicken, Gunpowder Chicken, Nether Quartz Chicken, and Lava Chicken.
  • Get higher-tier chickens by crossbreeding them and have Diamond Chicken, Ghast Tear Chicken, and many more.
  • Henhouse: provide hay bales, and it will collect chicken ‘products’ in a 9×9 area (4 blocks on each side) for you, it will also produce dirt over time as a side effect.
  • Smart chicken: give a vanilla chicken a book, and it will become smart enough to use a henhouse.
  • Progressive breeding and laying system.
  • Lava and water eggs: get your renewable and stackable liquid source today.
  • Heavily customizable: change laying rates, and items, disable chickens, modify breeding, set drops,…
  • Mod chickens are less noisy.

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