• MystCraft Mod
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    Wood, Netherrack, etc. This world seems composed entirely of tendrils.

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    Nether Clone

    Almost the Nether, but not quite... Closer inspection reveals the glowstone is elsewhere.

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    Lava World

    A world with a lava sea, infinite plains, and glowstone crystal formations.

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MystCraft Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Myst Game Series in Minecraft


Write and travel to different ages and new dimensions in this cool mod by XComWiz – MystCraff!

What is the Mod About?

The mod takes many elements from the popular game series Myst. The game allows the player to write and travel across new dimensions called Ages. The mod features a huge variety of new items and blocks and an infinite number of ages, so you’ll never get bored.

Should You Install it?

If you can’t get enough of adventure and want to hop on to some random new dimension and exploit its resources, then this mod is definitely for you.

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