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    Welcome Page

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    Entries within a category

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    (Un)localized String page

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    Image page (Text versions available as well)

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    Shaped Crafting Recipe

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    Shapeless Crafting Recipe

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    Smelting Recipe

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    Non-Existent Smelting Recipe

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Guide API Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— In-game Documentation


The Guide API mod is one of those mods meant for modders. This software lets you create documentation for your mods in-game, allowing you to create guides for players like many map makers who put guides into their maps. Of course, you could always track down the resources to make a book and quill, create the guide the hard way, and manually place it into the game, but this mod lets you skip all of that and simply install the guide, saving you time and removing the need to accomplish a menial task.

Guide API Mod registers those custom guidebooks and assigns them their unique tab in the Creative item menu, so the user can quickly grab unlimited copies of the guide and distribute them around a map. This makes it easier to set up a map where multiple players are on at once because you can provide guides for all the players much faster. While this mod is simple, it also provides a service that has been needed for a long time in Minecraft but still hasn’t been added to the vanilla game. That makes it a great mod.

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