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Morpheus Mod (1.16.5, 1.15.2)— Servers can skip the night


Synchronize your sleep on a server and start a new day with this handy server-only mod – Morpheus! Let all the players in the server vote on whether to sleep or not with ease.

What the Mod Offers

Morpheus is a simple mod that solves one annoying problem – sleeping in Multiplayer. In vanilla Minecraft, you can’t sleep when monsters are nearby, or other players are out of bed. With this mod installed, a simple voting system will coordinate players’ sleep. By default, when 50% of the players vote for rest, all players will sleep, and the day will eventually come.

Although Morpheus is a server-side mod, it can also be used on LAN games and easily included in modpacks.

Should You Install It?

Morpheus Mod is a server-only mod, but it can be used on LAN games, so installing it on the client version of Minecraft is possible. The mod solves a common problem, so installing it when playing with a modded Minecraft server is highly recommended.


This mod allows players on a server to vote on skipping the night by sleeping in a bed. The server will skip the night if 50% or more of the players are in a bed. A server owner can change the percentage required to skip the night in the mod’s config file. While Morpheus is a server-side mod, it may be useful, in some cases, to include it on the client side as it should work in ‘open to LAN’.

How it works:

  • Detecting when a player gets in a bed and displaying a message.
  • Calculating the number of players on the server and in a bed.
  • The server will skip the night if 50% or more of the players are in a bed.

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