• ReAuth Mod
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    Icon After v1.6

  • Screenshot 2

    Login-screen with the "Play Offline" Button enabled

  • Screenshot 3

    Multiplayerscreen with Sessionvalidator Offline

  • Screenshot 4

    Multiplayerscreen with Sessionvalidator Online

  • Screenshot 5

    MultiplayerScreen with LoginButton added

  • Screenshot 6

    An Invalid-Session-Screen

  • Screenshot 7


  • Screenshot 8

    Icon before v1.6

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ReAuth Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2)— Renew your login without restarting

Are you tired of having the same Invalid Session error repeatedly? Install the ReAuth mod and avoid unnecessary client restarts.

What the Mod Offers

Created by username TechnicianLP, this mod fixes the problem of having to restart your Minecraft client whenever you get an invalid session error problem. The mod also shows whether your session is valid, allowing players to change accounts and names when playing offline.

When connecting to a server with an invalid session, you must enter your username and password so your client is re-logged while still in-game.

Should You Install It?

Minecraft takes a lot of time to load, especially when you have a lot of mods installed. It is recommended to install this mod to avoid unnecessary client restarts. The mod is also quite secured, so you don’t have to worry about your login details.


  • It fixes the Problem of having to restart your Client when your Session is invalid.
  • Shows whether your Session is valid.
  • Change Accounts while Minecraft is running.
  • Change the Username for playing offline (it has to be enabled in the config).
  • Hidden Button in the MainMenu (17325) for CustomMainMenu to be wrapped.

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