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Sleep Mod (1.12.1, 1.7.10)— Sleeping better at night


Many mods affect the way players sleep in Minecraft. Some of these allow players to sleep during the day when playing alone, while others will enable a majority of players to be in a bed on a server to cause the server clock to roll from night to day. The Sleep mod doesn’t affect sleeping, but it gives the player a nice bonus for getting a good night’s rest. Usually, sleeping makes the sun come out and stop monsters from spawning near the player. With this mod, the player gets some decent health regeneration once they wake up to meet the day.

Well, that’s just the default setting, anyhow. You can go to the Sleep mod’s config file and tell it to restore the player’s health on sleeping if you choose. Either way, you get a good bonus from making it home before the sun rises rather than digging a hole in the ground and hiding out until morning. Naturally, you can get the bonus by sleeping anywhere, so you might consider carrying a bed on your character while using this mod so you can take advantage of the buffs and heals even while you are out in the field, down in a cave, or on the other side of the ocean and far from home.

For players who have tried the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, this healing from sleeping won’t be a foreign concept. They heal on sleep to make that game a little easier on players. For those who started with PC Minecraft and have kept playing it, though, this will be a welcome change of pace. Many players have called for it in the past, and now you can implement sleep healing even if Mojang or Microsoft won’t, thanks to the Sleep mod.

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