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RadixCore Mod (1.12.2, 1.10.2)— Standard Mod Framework



Since the creator has abandoned this project, there will be no further updates or fixes!

Do not look at RadixCore Mod as if it is a replacement for mod loaders like LiteLoader or MC Forge because it simply isn’t. Rather, this mod is perfect for all the modders out there who are trying to create their custom content. It is essentially a library, but not like other library mods – nothing needs RadixCore to work, but almost all mods can benefit from this mod installed. That’s because RadixCore helps you create mods from the ground up and maintain already-made mods. You can even use this to change parameters in the mods of others if you like.

That’s a great way to learn the ins and outs of RadixCore before investing a ton of time in it for making your mod. It needs to be stressed again that this mod doesn’t load other mods. It contains files that many mods will find helpful but don’t necessarily need to function. This is a utility more than anything else, so don’t expect RadixCore to make significant changes to how your game works; unless you’re already running a ton of mods in the first place.


You will notice no outward changes with RadixCore installed if you are simply a player. It only does what mods tell it to do. If you don’t use a mod that uses RadixCore – you don’t need it!

If you are a modder, RadixCore will do quite a lot to help you create and maintain your mods.

  • Client/server synchronization is super simple with the use of the DataWatcherEx and its accompanying WatchedObjects.
  • Simple item and block initialization can automatically be handled with one line of code.
  • An easy-to-use .schematic file handler can read schematics and paste them into the world.
  • An implementation of custom player data that is never lost on player death, server shutdown, etc.
  • Many various classes and methods to help with logic, simple math, and AI.
  • An automatic update checker. All you must provide is a URL containing your mod’s current version and the URL to which you would like users to be redirected.
  • An automatic crash watcher/reporter that can be used to send crash reports from your mod to your designated remote system.
  • A language system allows for easy translation of GUIs and parsing of variables.
  • networking system somewhat reminiscent of the pre-1.7 system.
  • Even more…with your help! We want to expand RadixCore to meet most modders’ needs effectively.

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