malisiscore mod

MalisisCore Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Library for Ordinastie’s Mods


Do you want to install one of Malisis’ excellent mods? Then you’ll need the MalisisCore! This mod provides the basic framework for rendering, animation, ASM, and more!

What the Mod Offers

MalisisCore is a core mod that contains the framework covering rendering, animation, graphical user interface, ASM, and more. This core mod also features a new and easy way to use inventory management and provides helper classes for entities, items, and more. MalisisCore is required in all of Malisis’ mods, including Malisis Doors, Malisis Blocks, Malisis Advert, and Do It Yourself Decorative Blocks, as well as others.

Should You Install It?

MalisisCore is just a core mod that is required by other mods. If you plan to use MalisisDoors, MalisisBlocks, and other popular Malisis mods, you should install the MalisisCore mod first. However, if you are not planning on using any of Malisis’ mods, then there is no reason to install the mod.

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