• Malisis Doors Mod
  • Screenshot 1

    Custom Doors

  • Screenshot 2

    Custom Doors

  • Screenshot 3

    Mixed Glass

  • Screenshot 4

    Mixed Blocks

  • Screenshot 5

    Garage Doors

    A multi-structure allowing a large area to be opened with a nice animation. A Garage door can be as wide and tall as wanted, and as long as they face the same way, one simple redstone current change will make the whole door open or close depending on its current state.

  • Screenshot 6

    Wooden doors and Iron Trapdoor

    The new variants of wooden doors and trapdoor added by Minecraft 1.8 are available and crafted the same way.

  • Screenshot 7

    Glass Doors

    Two new sliding doors are added (wooden and iron), that behaves like normal doors but instead of rotating on themselves, they slide into the block next to them.

  • Screenshot 8

    Jail Doors

    A new metallic jail door that slides on the side. Can only be operated with redstone.

  • Screenshot 9

    Laboratory Doors

    A new metallic laboratory door that slides upwards. It’s not a double door.

  • Screenshot 10

    Factory Doors

    A new metallic factory door that slides both upwards and downwards.

  • Screenshot 11

    Shoji Doors

    A new shoji door that slides slowly on the side.

  • Screenshot 12


    Simple red curtains that opens with custom animation.

  • Screenshot 13

    Saloon Doors

    New saloon doors that opens automatically when you go through them.

  • Screenshot 14

    Sliding Trapdoors

    Simple trapdoors that slide on the side with pneumatic sound.

  • Screenshot 15

    Camo Fence Gates

    A fence gate that copies the blocks on each side, granted they’re the same type.

  • Screenshot 16

    Rusty Hatch

    A big metallic hatch with a handle that slowly opens. Comes with rusty ladders built-in. Requires 2x3x2 block space to be placed. Like Trap doors, if placed on the top half of the side of the block, the door will open upwards.

  • Screenshot 17

    Rusty Ladders

    A metallic ladder that matches the ones built-in the Rusty Hatch.

  • Screenshot 18

    Carriage Doors

    A big and fancy wooden double door (4x5x1 multi-block). Note: right click the frame to close the doors.

  • Screenshot 19

    Forcefield and Controller

    The Forcefield Controller is an item that allows the creation of Forcefields. The Forcefields can be any size (with a limit of 100 blocks) and can’t be destroyed. Use the item on the Forcefield to activate and deactivate it, use it while sneaking to remove it completely.The Contoller displays color informations while placing a Forcefield to indicate if it can be made between the selected positions. It is self powered but requires some time to recharge. Note that removing a Forcefield completely drains the energy of the Controller.

  • Screenshot 20

    Door Factory and Custom Doors

    The door factory is a self powered machine that lets you design your own doors. Chose their properties such as the type of movement (from ten available!), the sound, or the speed of their animation, and then select blocks for the frame, top and bottom materials to define how they look.

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Malisis Doors Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Custom Doors


Do you find vanilla doors’ animation pretty dull? Ever wished to have more than just a couple of door types? Check out this excellent mod that adds many new doors to the game while significantly improving vanilla doors’ animation for a more immersive Minecraft experience.

Malisis Doors Mod is a Minecraft mod created by the username Ordinastie. The mod focuses on improving Minecraft’s doors by adding a new set of doors and enhancing the existing doors of the game.

What the Mod Offers

As the name implies, the mod focuses on improving the player’s interaction with doors and Minecraft’s doors in general. The mod provides a series of new doors and gives existing doors a smooth animation and transition for opening and closing. With this mod, you may also build your door and choose how it moves and looks.

Animated Doors

The first thing you’ll notice upon installing this mod is the improvement in vanilla doors’ behavior. Doors will now be animated smoothly instead of jumping instantly from close to open and vice versa – making them a little more immersive. Trap doors and fence gates will also be animated!

Doorway to Dozens of New Doors

Malisis Doors Mod adds tons of new doors, from glass and reinforced doors to themed ones like a laboratory, saloon, and shoji doors.

More than Just Doors

The mod also touches other doors-related objects and adds a new set of variations. On top of the added doors, the mod also includes new ladders, new hatches, curtains, sliding trapdoors, and other high-tech doors and sci-fi enhancements like forcefields!

Customize A Door

In addition, this mod also adds a Door Factory where you can create and design your door and set its properties, such as type of movement, animation, and aesthetic looks! Ever wanted to make a door filled with flowing lava? Well, with this mod, you can!

Should You Install It?

Malisis Doors Mod has everything for everyone. If you like sci-fi doors, then you got it. The mod has many for you if you dig the medieval theme and classical doors. Although some aspects of the mod may break the lore or the theme you’re going for, the improvement in the animation of vanilla doors, trapdoors, and fences already make the mod worth installing. If you don’t want to use some aspects of the mod, then you can turn it off individually. The Minecraft community also supports the Malisis Doors mod by providing alternate texture packs that anyone can use freely.

Crafting Recipes

Glass Crafting Recipe
Jail Crafting Recipe
Laboratory Crafting Recipe
Factory Crafting Recipe
Shoji Crafting Recipe
Curtains Crafting Recipe
Saloon Crafting Recipe
Sliding Trapdoors Crafting Recipe
Sliding Trapdoors
Camo Fence Gates Crafting Recipe
Camo Fence Gates
Rusty Hatch Crafting Recipe
Rusty Hatch
Rusty Ladders Crafting Recipe
Rusty Ladders
Garage Crafting Recipe
Carriage Crafting Recipe
Forcefield and Controller Crafting Recipe
Forcefield and Controller
Door Factory Crafting Recipe
Door Factory

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