• Custom Main Menu Mod
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    Sky Realm

  • Screenshot 2

    Akzyras Accumulations

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  • Screenshot 4

    Galactic Science

  • Screenshot 5

    Nuclear Fallout

  • Screenshot 6

    Post Finem

  • Screenshot 7


  • Screenshot 8

    The Rising World

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  • Screenshot 10


  • Screenshot 11

    End Sidebar

  • Screenshot 12


  • Screenshot 13

    Dark Red

  • Screenshot 14

    Blast Off

  • Screenshot 15

    Black and White

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Custom Main Menu Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Edit the Minecraft Main Menu


If you need extra management over the main menu in Minecraft, the Custom Main Menu mod is what you want. With this mod, you’ll be able to modify the positions of each field on the menu, transferring them to no matter the place on the display screen that’s preferable to your decision. It’s also possible to add new buttons for issues like opening internet hyperlinks, which is excellent in the event you don’t like Minecraft music and usually comply with up beginning of the game by instantly opening a browser so you may listen to different music. Principally, this mod is all about saving time for the consumer.

You can also add sub-menus to the main menu, which implies you would take different menus from deeper in Minecraft 1.12.2 and transfer them correctly to your primary menu. This might help you modify brightness instantly from the top menu or make other changes that might pressure you to undergo several layers of menus. Similar to the above, this facet of the Custom Main Menu mod revolves around saving time for the consumer by dashing up the non-gameplay interactions they’ve with Minecraft. On this, the mod helps you to spend extra time gaming and less time digging in menus to arrange parameters.

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