• Doomlike Dungeons Mod
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  • Screenshot 2

    Stone Room with Basic Symmetry

    Rooms can have several degrees and types of symmetry -- or none at all -- themes helps determine this.

  • Screenshot 3

    An Urban Dungeon

    This is part of a dungeon with the default "urban" theme; you can edit themes, make more themes, and have as many as you like.

  • Screenshot 4

    Obsidian Caves

    A cave-like room in a volcanic themed dungeon.

  • Screenshot 5


    An interesting small room in a village like dungeon.

  • Screenshot 6

    Watch Your Step!

    Narrow walkways can lead through dangerous liquids,,,,

  • Screenshot 7

    Entrance: Dank Below

    An entrance ruin to a "dank" themed dungeon, common in swamps. Dungeons may have ruins or rooms over them, or may just have a ladder or stair down. Some are hidden (like mineshafts).

  • Screenshot 8

    Not Exactly a Fortress

    A nether themed dungeon rising from the lava of the nether.

  • Screenshot 9

    Nether Dungeon Outdoors

    Nether dungeon with fences for walls in an outdoor room.

  • Screenshot 10

    Guardian of Ice

    Part of the default "frozen" dungeon. (Cool points if you get the reference.)

  • Screenshot 11

    Cave Maze

    Some dungeons have these cave-like areas, others don't, and a few are all cavy.

  • Screenshot 12

    Under The Sea

    An oceanic dungeon with guardian spawners -- you could have more mobs, if you add the right other mods...

  • Screenshot 13

    Custom Loot

    Daring modpack authors (or anyone) can add their special items with custom NBT tags.

  • Screenshot 14

    This place is falling appart!

    Some dungeons can have areas that with crumbling walls, complete with holes!

  • Screenshot 15

    Another Generated Dungeon Map

    A map of swamp-themed (dank) dungeon, also made with Mapwriter.

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Doomlike Dungeons Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Random Dungeons


Do you love danger and adventure? Then install Doomlike Dungeons by mod developer BlackJar72 and experience a more thrilling Minecraft game.

What the Mod Offers

This mod adds a randomly generated dungeon in your Minecraft world that is based and is highly inspired by the random level generator used for Doom, Hexe, Heretic, and dozens of other similar games. The dungeons created by this mod are mostly low ceiling with multiple rooms connected. Conquering the dungeon will be difficult but will also be rewarding.

Should You Install It?

If you like exploring dungeons and are familiar with classic games like Doom, this is a good mod.

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