• Roguelike Dungeons Mod
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  • Screenshot 2


    A blacksmith themed room.

  • Screenshot 3

    Checker level

    A corridor in the checker level.

  • Screenshot 4

    Mossy Level

    A corridor in the mossy level.

  • Screenshot 5


    A room in the dungeon.

  • Screenshot 6

    Mountain Tower

    A nifty tower you'll sometimes find in mountainous areas.

  • Screenshot 7

    Jungle Tower

    The tower you'll sometimes find in jungles.

  • Screenshot 8


    The default dungeon tower.

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Roguelike Dungeons Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Ultimate Dungeons


Anyone who has ever played games like Diablo or Torchlight knows a thing or two about roguelike games. The Roguelike Dungeons mod brings a similar dungeon generation scheme from those two games into Minecraft, where this mod generates more significant, more profound, and ultimately better dungeons. These can have multiple floors, sort of like strongholds, but they don’t tend to be as large as the strongholds which naturally appear in Minecraft. These dungeons aren’t random by definition, but they are guaranteed to be a fresh, new experience for most players, at least for the first few hours.

The Roguelike Dungeons mod is loaded with “pieces” of dungeons, which it puts together into a patchwork puzzle when generating dungeons at the beginning of a new world. You are likely to see specific rooms, corners, or staircases in multiple dungeons that look the same each time you see them, but there are enough pieces in this mod to produce thousands of dungeons, so you shouldn’t get bored too quickly. Crafting tables, furnaces, and othervaluablel blocks will be randomly generated and placed throughout these dungeons too, making them look like places lived in previously.

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