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Random Things Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Objects and mechanics that are unrelated


Random Things Mod claims to add several random things to your Minecraft world, but of course, there is an easy-to-read list that includes all of the additions and changes made by the Mod. Many of the changes are small, and even the collection of them all doesn’t amount to much, but the author thought these little modifications should be put together in their package. Because of the makeup of the Mod, Random Things doesn’t have a central theme or plot point, so the changes do appear random at first, but they aren’t.

The older versions are no longer getting support, which means Random Things Mod works with Minecraft. Some of the included mods are also redundant, like Colored Glass, which has become mostly obsolete with the addition of stained glass to Minecraft. Lapis Lamp and Lapis Glass give you new uses for the rare lapis lazuli resource, and Fertilized Dirt makes it easier to tell when irrigated dirt blocks have been touched by a nearby water source and fertilized. Overall no significant changes here, but enough little ones that will modify the way you play Minecraft to a degree.

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