• Chisel Mod
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    Place a block in the chiseling slot (top left), and you may turn it in the same group.

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    Enchanting Tables work with Chiseled Bookshelves — Yes, all types of Chisel's Bookshelves of different types and colors!

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    We ensure that no blocks are ever 100% duplicates. If that ever happens, we make sure they're given enough difference in color and feel, to gear players' creativity.

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    Beautiful Prismarine

    Many blockgroups in Chisel are designed with uniformity in mind, there is no chaos and no block is meant to be left out of building!

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    Chisels And Bits Compatibility

    Chisel is compatible with Chisels and Bits, no big surprise! Experience an explosion of possibilities when these two mods are paired together in a mod pack.

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    Chisel adds several Bookshelves, available in all 6 wood types. They are even usable with the Enchantment Table.

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Chisel Mod (1.16.5, 1.12.2)— Creating the way you want


Chisel Mod is a mod that every artist playing Minecraft will probably appreciate. One of the main appeals of this mod is the wide variety of decorative blocks it adds to the game, allowing for many new construction and building designs. More options are always nice for people who don’t want their buildings to look too boring, and this is the perfect mod for those players. But you don’t find these special new designs occurring naturally in the world. You only get them by interacting with blocks using the new chisel item, which allows you to cut unique designs into block faces.

Making a chisel is easy enough. You only need one iron ingot and a stick, so you don’t need a crafting table to make the key item here. Right-clicking with the chisel will open a menu loaded with graphics that you can choose for the chisel to cut into targeted blocks. The operation is almost instantaneous, and you don’t need any particular skill to get your desired designs. You get a couple of other items too, meant for summoning clouds in an area or converting regular blocks into mossy varieties, allowing you to get some rare block types much more accessible than usual.

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