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Chisel 3 Mod (1.9.4)— Huge Variety of Static Blocks


The Chisel mod that we all know and love is back with more features! Created by mod developer Automatic_Maiden, Chisel 3 mod is now developed by mod developer TheCricket26!

What is the Mod About?

Just like the original Chisel mod, the mod adds a huge variety of static blocks to Minecraft. With the new chisel tool crafted from an iron ingot and a stick, you can create new blocks and design them as you see fit. The new Chisel 3 mod also adds the Ball O’ Moss and Cloud In The Bottle items.

Should You Install it?

If you love to expand your creativity in the game, the Chisel mod provides a new tool that allows you to carve the world as you see fit. We highly recommend installing this mod.

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