• Flat Colored Blocks Mod
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    Transparent Blocks

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    Example of Blocks in world.

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    Crafting Blocks in Survival

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    Creative Inventory

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Flat Colored Blocks Mod (1.19.2, 1.12.2)— There are thousands of beautiful blocks to choose from


Splash some colors in your Minecraft world with this simple yet beautiful mod called Flat Colored Blocks. This mod generates a selection of simple colored blocks that can be used on creative projects, structures, and more.

What the Mod Offers

Created by username AgorithmX2, this mod adds a new crafting tool called the Colored Block Crafter that can open a wide selection of colored blocks that the mod offers.

By using the Colored Block Crafter, the block of your choice, and a few dyes, you can create your very own colored block. These colored blocks can be made from glass or cobblestone and have lighting properties with the help of a glowstone partnership. All the properties of the resulting block can be configured.

Should You Install It?

Flat Colored Blocks are purely aesthetical. The block textures are also very plain and look beautiful as stained glass.

Crafting Recipes

Crafting Tool Recipe Crafting Recipe
Crafting Tool RecipeUsing the item crafted you just need to have dyes and cobblestone/glass/glowstone in your inventory to craft items after opening the items gui. Some blocks require a few dyes to craft so try different
Crafting Table Helper Recipe(s) Crafting Recipe
Crafting Table Helper Recipe(s)Recpie is Shapeless, Flat Colored Block You want to make more of + Colored Block Crafter, and any required ingredients, only the ingredients are consumed by crafting.

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