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Decocraft Mod (1.16.5, 1.12.2)— Create a beautiful world for yourself


Decocraft is a block and object mod that focuses on decorative blocks and furniture. Created by username RazzleberryFox. It also adds some useful tools and a unique crafting table to create the various blocks and furniture of the mod. Decocraft is one of the biggest mods for the category and features hundreds of items, custom objects, and blocks. Many of the blocks and objects that this mod offer is entirely aesthetical, but some items and blocks are also functional and stylish at the same time.

What the Mod Offers

As you might expect with the fancy name, this mod offers many decorative materials and objects that can be crafted for survival. Most items can be crafted with clay and dyes using the new bench the mod provides. Most of the game’s objects are custom-built and look absolutely gorgeous in Minecraft’s blocky world.

The DecoBench

Before the latest update, the mod’s objects and items could be crafted using the Decoclay material. Now, a new crafting table called the DecoBench will replace the old crafting system of the mod. Using the DecoBench will allow you to craft hundreds of fancy objects and place them right in your living room!

The DecoWand

It is a new tool that can be crafted using the DecoBench as one of its crafting recipe ingredients. The DecoWand, in itself, does nothing. But it allows the player to change various aspects of the mod’s items and objects. For example, it can change an object’s design or the bed’s color. A convenient tool to use and make your house more beautiful.

Loads of Furniture

This mod’s main chunk comes with hundreds (if not thousands!) of furniture. Although most of the items and objects from this mod are purely aesthetical, many of them also have a function you can use in your survival gameplay.

Items are categorized according to their theme. You will find that the mod covers not only medieval times but also modern times. Unlike your regular vanilla items, many of the mod’s items and objects can be placed in more than four directions (i.e., 30 degrees to the left, 45 degrees to the right, etc.).

The mod also features Holiday-themed items and pathway objects like stairs and hanging bridges that will make your Minecraft world a little bit fancier.

Should You Install It?

Although many items are lore-breaking, they do not break the game’s balance. If you love decorating your world with fancy objects or filling your kitchen with delicious food and shiny silverware, go ahead and get this mod!

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Discussion (24)

wenn ich mir 1.12.2 runterladen will habe ich schließlich nur die version 1.11.2!!!!das ist so ärgerlich

there’s no 1.12.2 clicking on the one labeled for 1.12.2 just gets you the one for 1.11.2

I know. I’m searching for the 1.12.2 version for almost 30 minutes now and when I found out it wasn’t for 1.12.2 I have screamed so bad. If you find any website that has 1.12.2 version for this mod please let me know

ich kann nicht die 1.12 runterladen!!so behindert man kann nur die 1.11.2 herunterladen!!!!!bitte ändert das schnell

When you click 1.12.2, it saves 1.11.2. Please fix this

any idea when 1.12.2 will be available?

Dude, it doesn’t work for 1.12.2 :l

I just can’t get it to stop heartbeat lag…

This mod is so extra! I love it!

I downloaded the file for this and I don’t know how to run it for minecraft

Esta Bien! Ahora Lo Uso Para Mis Videos! :3 Espero que ya Lo Pongan Para La 1.12.2 !!

Mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Saludame ;v

Hola Mike Saluda Plz Te Jamoo 😀

Que hacen es estas Horas xD y tu Mike xD

Update version 1.16.5, plsssss

I need 1.18.2; please, update this!

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