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BlockCraftery Mod (1.12.2)— Framed Blocks


Create a frame with the shape you wish and add the texture of any item you want with this fun BlockCraftery Mod by mod developer Elucent.

What is the Mod About?

BlockCraftery mod adds new framed blocks to the game. These framed blocks can be placed and shaped however the player wants and can take on the texture of another block. The framed blocks come in various shapes, like stairs, slabs, walls, slant blocks, and even slant corners. This mod is designed to make building structures a lot more artistic.

Should You Install it?

The BlockCraftery Mod can make epic structures, beautify a simple form, and create funny objects worldwide. We highly recommend installing this mod on top of your mod pack.


  • Framed Blocks.
    • Standard full cubes.
  • Framed Stairs.
  • Framed Slabs.
  • Framed Walls.
  • Framed Slants.
  • Framed Slant Corners.

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