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More Furnaces Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Dual Smelting, No Fuel


Throw away that cobblestone furnace and make a more efficient furnace from iron, gold, and even obsidian with this cool mod by mod developer CubeX2 – More Furnaces!

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds seven new furnaces of iron, copper, silver, gold, diamond, obsidian, and netherrack. Each new furnace has its different abilities. Some furnaces can smelt faster than your regular cobblestone furnace, while others have more slots and can even smelt multiple items at once.

Should You Install It?

The mod is quite good in itself. But if you use other technology mods along with it, you can even create copper and silver furnaces with cool, unique features.

Crafting Recipes

Iron Furnace Crafting Recipe
Iron FurnaceThe iron furnace can smelt 10.6 items per coal.
Gold Furnace Crafting Recipe
Gold FurnaceThe gold furnace can smelt 20 items per coal.
Diamond Furnace Crafting Recipe
Diamond FurnaceThe diamond furnace can smelt 40 items per coal.
Obsidian Furnace Crafting Recipe
Obsidian FurnaceThe obsidian furnace can smelt two items at once and is as fast as the iron furnace.
Netherrack Furnace Crafting Recipe
Netherrack FurnaceThe netherrack furnace doesn’t need any fuel. It smelts items whenever fire is on top of it, but it takes the furnace 90 seconds to smelt one item.

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