• Gravestone Mod
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    Every time you die, a grave is placed at your position.

    To retrieve your items just break the grave. There is also a config option to get your items back by sneaking on the grave (1.16.3+ only).

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    When you right-click the grave it will show information regarding the death of the player.

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    Sorting (1.16.3+)

    Since version 1.16.3-2.0.0 the grave is now able to store your items back into their original slots.

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    The Obituary

    Everytime you die you get an obituary. If you don't want that you can disable it in the config.

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    Naming the Grave

    If you break the grave with silk touch, you get it dropped as an item. You can also craft graves. Naming the grave in an anvil, allows you to have custom text displayed on your grave.

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Gravestone Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Henkelmax’s GraveStone

Make death in Minecraft more interesting with the wonderful Gravestone Mod! This mod adds gravestones to death locations, cemetery structures, and new monsters!

What the Mod Offers

The Gravestone mod has many new features that will make Minecraft more interesting and entity deaths more exciting!


Whether it is a villager, a pet, or the player, this mod spawns a gravestone object at the place of death. Gravestones may contain some useful information, as well as the corpse of the deceased entity.

Special Graves and Cemeteries

Random cemeteries and graves will also spawn worldwide, and the player can loot them or pay tribute!

New Monsters

This mod adds a ton of new monsters, from new skeleton monsters and undead creatures to the pesky skull crawlers.


Gravestones can also act as spawners at night. Special altars also purposely summon harmful monsters that will attack the player.

Should You Install It?

The mod adds a new and interesting way to make Minecraft more challenging and exciting. The added items, structures, and monsters also fit perfectly into the vanilla Minecraft theme.


  • When you die, a gravestone will be placed at your death position, and the player’s name will be written on it.
  • Optionally you can get a piece of paper with the necessary information about your death.
  • There is also an option to remove this item when you break the gravestone automatically.
  • When you break the gravestone, it will drop the items in your inventory.
  • If you enable the gamerule keepInventory there will be placed no gravestone.
  • You can also break the gravestone with a silk touch to get it as an item to use for decoration.
  • When you right-click the gravestone, the name of the player who died and the death time will be displayed.
  • The gravestone can be named by simply renaming it in an anvil and then placing it.


There are several things you can change in the configs:

  • The color of the text on the grave.
  • If the skull on the grave should be rendered.
  • Whether you want to get the obituary on the death.
  • The blocks can get replaced by a grave.
  • If the death note should get removed from the player’s inventory when breaking a grave.
  • If only the owners of the grave should be able to break it.
  • If a ghost of the player should spawn when breaking the grave.
  • If the ghost should be friendly and defend the player or if it should attack the player.
  • If the grave should get broken when sneaking on the grave.
  • If the items should get sorted back into their original slots when breaking the grave.

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