• Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes Mod
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    Weather Systems

    Localized rain can occur after it builds up humidity over high humid biomes or water. Weather Systems Localized rain can occur after it builds up humidity over high humid biomes or water.Warm and cold particle based weather fronts spawn in, when they collide they can create a storm that will develop into deadlier storms.

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    Tornadoes Tornadoes that tear up the terrain and throw around entities, pulling them into the deadly vortex, can be configured for what it grabs.

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    Extra Ambience Effects

    Trees and foliage rustle in the wind by spawning particles and making calm sounds. Long falling water creates strong waterfall sounds.

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    Dynamic Wind

    Everything in the mod is moved around by the dynamic wind system. Clouds and storms are moved by the changing global wind direction.The rest, mainly particles, are moved by either the unique weather events in the area, or global wind with random gusts.

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    Enhanced & Multi Stage Rain Visuals

    Particle based precipiation, including light, medium, and heavy rain, each with new ways to show off the intensity.

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    Sandstorms will spawn in deserts, building up sand slowly as it passes over the player with intense visuals.

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    Optional Foliage Shader

    With a focus on performance, a shader that makes foliage based blocks sway in the wind to bring the game to life even more.

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    Blocks and Items

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Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes Mod (1.18.2, 1.12.2)— Add Massive Epic Weather


Experience the destructive force of nature with Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes mod! Created by the talented mod developer Corosus, the mod adds a dynamic weather system and a storm event that will devastate Minecraft.

What the Mod Offers

The mod features localized weather where you can see rain and nasty storms from a distance. The mod replaces the vanilla weather system and the clouds with something much more dynamic and aesthetical.

The highlight of the mod is its tornado events which are very dangerous and destructive, as it can suck in blocks and throw them randomly and even have some cool particle effects. Storms and tornadoes are also deadly to the players caught up in them. The mod also features some blocks that can warn against tornadoes, like a siren and a few other things.

Should You Install It?

Only download and install this mod if you already have a backup of your world and don’t mind your world being wrecked. It is an enjoyable mod that makes Minecraft a lot more interesting.


  • Localized weather! See rain and nastier storms coming in from a distance.
  • Replaces vanilla clouds with my own particle-based ones that are always shifting around.
  • Replaces rain and snowfall with a particle-based one that blows in the wind.
  • Rain clouds build up moisture from water and moist biomes.
  • Stormfront system uses biome temperature differences to create nasty storms!
  • Improved look of storms from old weather mod.
  • Forecast block that projects the active storms on a grid.
  • Machine block that can create various types of storms at that location.
  • Deflector block that can destroy storms within a 150-block radius to protect your creations.
  • Wind Vane to show the direction of the wind (Model made by Razz of DecoCraft).
  • Anemometer to show the speed of the wind.
  • User-friendly GUI to enable/disable the most common features comes with advanced options.
  • Scenes enhanced with falling leaf particles and waterfall effects.
  • Trees make blowing-in wind sounds, waterfalls make strong water sounds.
  • It can enhance snowfall with a more gradual smooth buildup (default off, memory hungry).
  • Sandstorms! Spawning in deserts builds up layered sand and causes intense visuals via fog and particle action.

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