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Item Physic Full Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Epic Drop Animations

Improve Minecraft’s in-game physics, starting with how the items behave with this fantastic mod – Item Physic Full. This amazing mod changes how the items outside your inventory behave by applying physics and other properties to them.

What the Mod Offers

The mod changes how items behave, including how they react to specific environments like water, lava, and cactus.

Enhanced Item Animation

With the mod installed, items thrown on the ground will no longer float and rotate unrealistically and instead fall flat or roll over the floor as they should!

Water Physics and Floating Items

Certain items in actual life float, while others sink into the water.

Flammable Items Burn in Lava

Similar to the above feature, items considered flammable (i.e., wood, food, etc.) will burn and vanish when dropped on lava or set on fire.

Custom Pickup and Custom Throw

The mod also allows the user to change how items can be picked up and thrown away.

Igniting Items

Some items can be thrown on the ground to ignite a fire – so be extra careful where you drop your torches!

Should You Install It?

The mod makes Minecraft more realistic without breaking the lore and feel of the vanilla game. We highly recommend installing this mod to improve your gameplay in Survival and Creative.


  • Floating items.
  • Only burnable items burn in lava/fire.
  • Custom pickup.
  • Custom throw.
  • Igniting items.
  • Configurable despawn time.
  • Cactus does not destroy items.
  • Enhanced item animation.
  • Supports InGameConfigManager.

Full Version:

  • This mod changes how items ‘burn’. Only items or blocks which can burn will burn in lava or fire. Every block can burn like wood, planks, wool, and every item which can be used as a fuel in a furnace, like coal and sticks.
  • A piece of coal, a pickaxe, a piece of cobblestone and a wooden plank were throw into lava and the pickaxe and the cobblestone didn’t burn.
  • Items and blocks will rotate around there axis while their are flying. No item will be destroyed by a cactus anymore.

Lite Version:

  • Items and blocks will rotate around their axis while they are flying.

Download ItemPhysic Lite from here!

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