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CreativeCore Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Library for CreativeMD’s Mods

CreativeCore mod is a simple core mod containing many valuable features like API, GUI, packet system, rendering system, and more.

What is the Mod About?

Created by mod developer CreativeMD, the mod is a simple core mod required by most mods created by the same author. CreativeCore features GUI-API, Enhanced Vanilla Recipe, Transformer API, Event System, InfoStack Objects, fake world, Packet system, recipe system, and more. However, the mod does not add any content to the game.

Should You Install it?

As a core mod, the mod does not have any features or content and is not worth installing. You should only install this mod if you use mods that require it, such as most of CreativeMD’s mods.


  • Gui-Api.
  • Packet system (supports split packets).
  • Recipe system.
  • Enhanced Vanilla Recipe.
  • Transformer API (obfuscated name converter).
  • Event system (by N247s).
  • InfoStack objects (a way to uniform itemstack groups).
  • Fake world.

This mod does not contain any feature or what so ever, but it is required by:

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