• Tinker I/O Mod
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    TIO Beta 1.0.1

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    Smart Output

    Smart Output is a machine designed to replace Casting Table and Basin.

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    Smart Output GUI

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    Fuel Input Machine

    Fuel Input Machine is a machine which is able to filliing any burnable items into the Smeltery. By filling fuel into the smeltery, the temperature and speed of the Smeltery will be increased. For some items which contain higher fuel value, the smeltery can operation even faster. Fuel Input Machine can be located any where of the smeltery structure.

  • Screenshot 5

    Fuel Input Machine GUI

  • Screenshot 6

    Stirling Engine

    Stirling Engine is a RF generator added byTinker I/O. The Engine must be placed above TConstruct's tank to work properly. The efficiency of Stirling Engine is determined by the temperature of the liquid.

  • Screenshot 7

    Fortune Upgrade

    Fortune Upgrade can increase 30% triplication rate of Ore Crusher.

  • Screenshot 8

    Slot Upgrade I~IV

    You can use Slot Upgrade to increase the output slot size of Smart Output.

  • Screenshot 9

    Ore Crusher

    Ore Crusher can curshed ores into Crushed Ore. Crushed Ore and Ore Dust is not the same. Thus, it can’t be burned in vanilla furnance. Instead, you have smelt Crushed Ore into Pure Metal by Smeltery. And you can only use Smart Output to cast Pure Metal into ingot.

  • Screenshot 10

    Ore Crusher GUI

  • Screenshot 11

    What a beautiful block

    Just a material for crafting. Isn’t it beautiful?

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Tinker I/O Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Add-on for Tinkers’ Construct


Tinker I/O is a mod addon for the Tinkers’ Construct mod. This mod adds dozens of blocks of items and extends the functionality of the TConstruct Smeltery.

What the Mod Offers

The mod adds new blocks that extend the functionality of the Smeltery. This mod adds a fuel input machine, smart output machine, stirling engine, ore crusher, and more. The mod also adds new items such as solid fuel, base upgrades, slot upgrades, and many others.

Should You Install It?

Tinkers’ construct is a great technology mod. Adding this mod to an already beautiful mod makes it even better.

📌 Dependencie

☝🏽 Useful Guide

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