• Tinkers’ Compliment Mod
  • Screenshot 1

    Porcelain Casting

    Casting with Ceramics porcelain blocks

  • Screenshot 2


    A small melter setup with a heater casting a bucke

  • Screenshot 3

    New tools

    A sledge hammer and a chisel in tool tables

  • Screenshot 4

    High oven

    The high oven casting molten steel

  • Screenshot 5


    Steel, manyullyn, and knightslime armor

  • Screenshot 6

    Alloy Tank

    An alloy tank actively making manyullyn

  • Screenshot 7
  • Screenshot 8
  • Screenshot 9

    Sledge Hammer

    Ex Nihilo hammer as a Tinkers Construct tool.

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Tinkers’ Compliment Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— Things to Complement Tinkers' Construct


Add new features to the popular Tinkers’ Construct mod with this cool mod-addon by KnightMiner – Tinkers’ Compliment Mod!

What is the Mod About?

Tinkers’ Compliment mod adds features and compatibility to the popular Tinkers’ Construct mod while not being in the way of the original mod. The mod addon has many new features, including a miniature version of smeltery called melter. This furnace block can power a melter called heater, a strong and new armor set called Manyullyn armor, a new sledgehammer (if Ex Nihilo mod is present), and much more.

Should You Install it?

The mod add-on has many new features, including cool mod integrations for other popular mods. We recommend checking the mod out if you are already using the Tinkers’ Construct mod.


  • The Melter: This is a small version of the smeltery which has no ore doubling or alloys, and only holds one liquid type. It is great for an early games before the smeltery can be obtained or if the smeltery is gated behind another block. It can be powered using either a seared tank or a heater.
  • Heater: This furnace-like block can power a melter using solid fuels instead of liquids. The temperature is much lower than lava at 200 C instead of 1000 C, but it’s perfect for the early game.
  • Manyullyn Armor: essentially armor made of manyullyn. It has more defense than a diamond, but less durability.
  • Knightslime Armor: bouncy like slime boots but protective like iron. Provides both defense and extra bounce on all pieces.
  • Porcelain Casting: If Ceramics is loaded, porcelain versions of the casting table, casting basin, seared tanks, melter, and heater are added. These are a decorative alternative and can allow gating seared blocks. Note that Ceramics already provides its own faucet, so none is provided here, and the melter requires its fuel source to be the same design as it (so a porcelain heater or tank for a porcelain melter).
  • Bucket Cast: a cast can be created using a bucket to cast other buckets. This works with the vanilla bucket or the Ceramics bucket.
  • The Sledge Hammer: if Ex Nihilo is loaded, a version of its hammer can be created using Tinkers’ Construct tool parts called the sledge hammer. It can be made AOE using expanders, or just applying your other favorite modifiers.
  • Chisel: if Chisel is loaded, a version of its Chisel can be created with Tinkers Construct parts. It will support additional in-world chiseling options when given expanders.

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