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Tinkers’ Addons Mod (1.12.2, 1.11.2)— New modifiers for Tinkers’ Construct


Alter some key values to Tinkers’ Construct with Tinkers’ Addons. Created by username oitsjustjose, this mod changes some aspects of the popular Tinkers’ Construct mod.

What the Mod Offers

Tinkers’ Addons is a straightforward mod that adds four new modifiers to Tinkers’ Construct 2.0 mod. The first modifier is the Auto Repair modifier that caps at level 5. The other modifiers are Bonus Modifiers I, II, and III.

Should You Install It?

If you plan on using (or already using the mod) Tinkers’ Construct, this addon gives some excellent addition to the selection of modifiers listed in the mod.


  • Auto-Repair (levelable like the old version, caps at Auto-Repair V).
  • Bonus Modifiers (level I, II, and III), work the same as the old bonus modifiers.
    • The bonus modifiers use (mostly) the same resources that the original Tinkers’ tool station recipe did, but it’s a normal crafting recipe that you then apply to the tool after crafting it.

Crafting Recipes

Tier I Bonus Modifier Crafting Recipe
Tier I Bonus Modifier
Tier II Bonus Modifier Crafting Recipe
Tier II Bonus Modifier
Tier III Bonus Modifier Crafting Recipe
Tier III Bonus Modifier
Tier IV Bonus Modifier Crafting Recipe
Tier IV Bonus Modifier
Amelidration Kit Crafting Recipe
Amelidration Kit

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