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Lucky Block Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)— How Lucky Are You?

Want to test your luck and add some excitement in Minecraft? Are you willing to take the risk and reap some awesome reward? Then check out this amazing mod that adds only one block!

The Lucky Block mod is a simple mod created by the username PlayerInDistress. The mod adds only a single block – the lucky block, but provides tons of possibilities and limitless fun.

What the Mod Offers

Well, the mod adds a big yellow block with a “?” symbol in the middle. The design is similar to the power-ups in any Mario games you see. The idea behind this block is that you will unleash random things by breaking it. This one block may contain wonderful tools, spawn an animal, give you wonderful items, and more. On the other hand, if you’re not lucky, you may spawn monsters and other entities.

The Random Goodness

The Lucky Block can spawn just about anything from the common sticks to priceless diamonds and random collectibles. Although rare, the lucky block may also change the terrain around you and spawn in a giant structure – so be careful where you activate it.

The lucky block can be crafted using four gold ingots and a dispenser. This is a great way to spend your gold ingots, as they’re not good with anything except making clocks and as a potion ingredient. Otherwise, you may also find some lucky blocks that randomly appear in the Overworld.

The Hidden Risk

If you are unlucky, the block may give off some devastating effects on your world. You should back up your world or play in a non-important world to avoid regrets. Other than that, some misfortunes include monster spawning, a trap to spawn in front of you, and many more.


The mod also features dozens of surprises inside the box, so you better prepare yourself before opening one!


The mod can also be configured to add more stuff. Just head over to the addon section of the official site and have fun!

Should You Install It?

Well, yes, and no. If you love surprises and are playing in a non-important world, then installing this mod will make your world more fun and exciting, and also find some use for those gold blocks you keep seeing. However, if you are a builder and your world is filled with various creations and structures that were created by your sweat and tears, then it’s probably best to give this mod a pass. Otherwise, something may happen to your creations, and you’ll regret it. Other than that, this is a fun mod to play around with. You’ll never know what comes out of one of these boxes! You might even see some fun surprises along the way.

Crafting Recipes

Lucky Block Crafting Recipe
Lucky BlockYou can craft a Lucky Block with 8 gold ingots and a dispenser.
Luck -60 Crafting Recipe
Luck -60
Luck +52 Crafting Recipe
Luck +52

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