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Extended Crafting Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)— Some New Ways to Craft Items


Add new ways to craft items and get some extra utilities with Extended Crafting mod by mod developer BlakeBr0.

What is the Mod About?

Extended Crafting Mod is a fun content mod that allows adding more utilities for crafting. The mod doesn’t do much except feature changes in table crafting and combination crafting. The mod is intended to be configured heavily before use, as all the recipes and settings should be changed to fit the progression of the mod pack it will be installed on.

Should You Install it?

The mod is created for mod pack creators, allowing them to further customize their server and game by creating new ways to craft items, including a 7×7 crafting capability and more.


Combination Crafting:

  • Combination crafting is a multi-block crafting setup that consists of a Crafting Core and Pedestals.
  • The Crafting Core goes in the center of this structure, and Pedestals can go anywhere around it in a 7×7 area.
  • Combination crafting uses RF to craft, which you need to give to the Crafting Core.
  • An input item needs to be placed on top of the Crafting Core, and all Pedestal items go on the pedestals.
  • You can right-click on any side besides the top of the Crafting Core to see a GUI with information about the current setup and recipe.
  • The speed of each recipe’s craft is dependent on the recipe’s RF cost / the recipe’s RF rate.

Table Crafting:

  • Table crafting is a tier crafting table system consisting of new Crafting Tables.
  • These tiers include 1. Basic (3×3), 2. Advanced (5×5), 3. Elite (7×7), and 4. Ultimate (9×9).
  • Recipes can either be tier independent and work in all tables with enough space or tier-dependent and only work in the tier specified.
  • These tables have a separate recipe pool and do not work with regular crafting recipes.

Compression Crafting:

  • Compression crafting is done inside a machine called the Quantum Compressor.
  • The Quantum Compressor is a high-tier RF-powered machine that can craft items using high quantities of materials.
  • Materials put inside of the Quantum Compressor go into a massive internal buffer.
  • It also has a “Catalyst” slot, which is used to identify the recipe with the material x catalyst.
  • The catalyst is not consumed once crafting is completed.
  • Once enough of the material is placed into the buffer, the machine will start to use RF and craft the output.
  • The speed of each recipe’s craft is dependent on the recipe’s RF cost / the recipe’s RF rate.

Ender Crafting:

  • Ender Crafting is done with the Ender Crafter and a bunch of Ender Alternators.
  • Ender Crafting is basically timed crafting recipes. If you’ve ever used the QED from previous Extra Utilities versions, it’s pretty much that.
  • The Ender Crafter will use the power of all the Ender Alternators in a 7x7x7 area around it, with the Ender Crafter being the center block.
  • The more Ender Alternators in the area, the faster it will craft.
  • The Ender Crafter can be automated using the Automation Interface.


  • Singularities are highly compressed materials.
  • These are created in the Quantum Compressor.
  • The mod comes with some default Singularities, which can be individually disabled in the config.
  • You can add your own Singularities very easily using the configuration file.
  • The mod also adds an Ultimate Singularity, crafted by placing one of each singularity in an Ultimate Crafting Table.
  • You can blacklist default and custom Singularities from this recipe in the configuration file.

Automation Interface:

  • A block used to automate table and Ender Crafter crafting recipes.
  • Place it on top of a basic -> ultimate table or Ender Crafter.
  • Set up a recipe in the table, then press “Save Recipe” in the interface.
  • You can then insert items into the interface, and it will evenly distribute them around the grid.
  • It will also auto-craft the recipe if it’s valid.
  • It also has auto-insert and auto-extract capabilities.
  • You can also choose to enable Auto Eject mode. When this is enabled, items that can’t be put into the table will be automatically placed into the output slot of the interface.
  • Every item movement action costs RF, which can be configured in the config.

Other Things:

  • This mod adds a Handheld Crafting Table item for on-the-go crafting.
  • This mod adds an item for easy CraftTweaker recipe making for its tables, called the Recipe Maker.

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