• Storage Drawers Mod
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    Trimmed Wood

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    Fill Levels

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    Thaumcraft Support

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    With Bibliocraft

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    Framing Drawers

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    Compacting Drawer

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    Drawers in the 6 different wood styles, and the 5 different upgraded versions.

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    Drawer Styles

    The 4 different drawer styles

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    Potion Workshop

    Using storage drawers to manage all your potion regents.

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Storage Drawers Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)— Store Hundreds of Items


With a recent update making it compatible with Minecraft 1.19.2 and 1.12.2, the Storage Drawers mod is getting people’s attention again. Unlike traditional storage containers like chests, the drawers in this mod can’t hold as much stuff, plus that can be confusing to navigate. Instead, everything is based on click interactions. Left-click on a drawer to open or close it. Storing your currently held item is as easy as a single right-click or double right-click to keep as many of the saved items as possible, given the space of the container you’re using. Left-clicking again takes the items back out of the drawer.

If you want to open the user interface and review or sort drawer contents, you need to hold down SHIFT while right-clicking with an empty hand – that empty hand part is essential. This will let you manage upgrades applied to your container, removing them or beefing them up even further at a whim. Yes, you can upgrade your containers in Storage Drawers mod, but they will never have as much room inside them as a double-wide chest. Players who have tried the Jabba mod before will understand Storage Drawers quickly.

Crafting Recipes

Crafting Table

Crafting Table
StickStickStickEmeraldUpgrade TemplateEmeraldStickStickStick
Storage Upgrade (V)
Storage Upgrade (V)Spruce Drawers 2x2storagedrawers:add_upgradeWarped Drawers 1x1Drawer ControllerCrimson Drawers 2x2Spruce Half Drawers 2x2Warped Drawers 2x2Spruce Half Drawers 1x1Void UpgradeCrimson Half Drawers 1x2Dark Oak Half Drawers 1x2Oak Drawers 2x2Acacia TrimBirch TrimBirch Drawers 2x2Birch Half Drawers 2x2Illumination UpgradeAcacia Drawers 1x2Spruce TrimRedstone UpgradeQuantify KeyDrawer KeyCompacting DrawersStorage Upgrade (IV)Crimson Drawers 1x1Storage Upgrade (III)Warped TrimOak Drawers 1x1Storage Upgrade (II)Dark Oak Half Drawers 2x2Birch Drawers 1x1Warped Drawers 1x2Drawer Controller SlaveStone StairsCrimson Half Drawers 2x2Concealment KeyQuartz BricksBirch Half Drawers 1x1Dark Oak Half Drawers 1x1Coal OreStorage Upgrade (I)

Storage Upgrade (V) — Used In 0 Recipes

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